Coding classes

Coding Bootcamp

Join us for interactive and engaging sessions to explore the fascinating world of coding and robotics and  unleash your creativity through programming.

SatuRday Classes

Enhance your skills while working by joining our Saturday software development classes. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow and excel in your career!

School coding clubs

Get ready to unleash your creativity! From designing your own games and websites to developing innovative apps, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your ideas into reality.


Snippets of Student Experiences

“Joining BabesGotBytes was a turning point in my life, opening up new doors of opportunities I never thought possible. I was not very familiar with technology when I started their digital literacy and coding

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 Zikhona Benn – Alumna

“Thanks to BabesGotBytes, I acquired skills in coding, web development, and robotics that significantly enhanced my professional capabilities. Their mentorship program paved the way for an extraordinary opportunity, and

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Noluntu Mazwi – Alumna

“As a curious 14-year-old, I stumbled upon the world of coding and BabesGotBytes, which changed my life forever. My name is Eminathi Antonie I’m 16 years old now. Participating in their young girl coding programs every Saturday was more than just a learning experience; It was a journey of discovery and empowerment. 
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Eminathi Antonie – Student