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Tiyani Nghonyama, Geekulcha - COO

"From my first encounter with the BabesGotBytes ladies - I saw a group that was determined to be involved and driven by a need to make change in their communities.

Hitherto, I also saw a willingness to learn, discover and be discovered in the industry and sector of their focus in order to expand their reach, capacity and capability. When Geekulcha had an opportunity to implement projects for development in Cape, it did not think twice in calling up the BabesGotBytes team and they responded to the call and executive tasks placed before them to perfection. Their work in grooming the future of Tech in communities in the communities that needed it most is commendable. BabesGotBytes surely got the bytes and they continuously work on their craft - I recommend that they be granted with more opportunities for access and growth."
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BabesGotBytes Learner: Nomasirayeli Gela

"I have passed my matric in 2019 and I was not sure what to do next, I decided to take a gap year to try coding out then I heard about BabesGotBytes.

I started to attend their sessions. I have learnt how to create my own website using HTML and CSS. I enjoy coding because it teaches me how to think and also problem solving skills and I enjoy working with computers. I am currently using SoloLearn to learn a new coding concept and I just started with Javascript. I love that it’s so challenging and you have to think really hard to fix a problem. However, when you see the end result, it is truly satisfying. I hate when I can’t figure out why my code isn’t working."
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