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If you’re a designer, developer, engineer, educator or simply someone who is passionate about technology and community, we want you to join our amazing league of volunteers working to make technology education accessible and fun


We teach women to code because we believe in their potential to drive positive change. In South Africa, where women make up 31% of the population, empowering them with coding skills is crucial. Despite their significant numbers, women are underrepresented in tech. By teaching them to code, we open doors to economic independence, foster diversity and innovation in the tech industry, and create a more inclusive digital future for all.

Digital Literacy

Based on the latest statistics from 2024 provided by Stats SA, the unemployment rate stands at 34%. Trends underscore that unemployment disproportionately affects the youth and the black African demographic. Addressing this pressing issue of national significance is paramount. At BabesGotBytes, we are committed to tackling unemployment through strategic initiatives and targeted interventions.



The BabesGotBytes events are very important and enable us to share our mission, engage people on the topic of education, and generally provide a platform for marketing what we do. Participants, some of which are Ambassadors, form the ‘BabesGotBytes Tribe’ and often get together for formal and informal training and socials.

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